Some Common Dental Issues That Orthodontists Treat

Orthodontists are health professionals that specialise in the treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws. For best results, orthodontic treatment should be administered as early as possible because the severity of the problem tends to increase over time. Dental problems that are ignored during childhood can exacerbate over time and become difficult to correct in adult life. If your young one experiences any of the following dental problems, make sure they get orthodontic treatment immediately to prevent lifelong orthodontic issues.

Poor bite

One of the dental issues that an orthodontist can treat is a poor bite. This problem can be further broken down as follows: overbite, under bite, open bite and cross bite. An overbite comes about when the upper teeth are bulging over the lower teeth, whereas an under bite occurs when the lower teeth are protruding over the upper teeth. An open bite arises when the upper front teeth do not touch the lower teeth, whereas a cross bite is when the upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth at any part of the mouth, but not the whole area. No matter what type of bite issue your child may be facing, their facial profile will be distorted and they won't be able to eat so well.

Crowded teeth

Crowding of teeth happens when the jaw is too small to hold all of the teeth in the mouth in correct position, hence the teeth overlap. Crowded teeth can be hard to clean, and this can lead to plaque buildup in the mouth. This, in turn, can result in tooth decay, impacted teeth, increased risk of suffering from gum disease, and other problems down the road if not treated early on. 

Protruding teeth

This problem is very similar to an overbite, but the front teeth bulge out to a significant degree. It can be caused by severe crowding of teeth, bad oral habits or genetics. A child having protruded teeth is more susceptible to speech disorders, eating problems and tooth damage or loss resulting from accidents. Protruding teeth is also a cosmetic issue. 

While orthodontic treatment is also available for adults, orthodontists generally recommend that the treatment should be administered immediately when signs of teeth and jaw misalignment start to show. Since most orthodontic issues begin during childhood and worsen with time, it is best to take your child to a paediatric orthodontist for treatment before it is too late.